Redragon TITANOBOA2 24000DPI Gaming Mouse

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Unique Sand Rubber Skin coating, multicolor adjustable backlight, backlit scroll wheel, MODE button for switching profiles. Ergonomic mouse shape is optimal for big hands.


  • The cartridge clip for 8 removable lead weights (of 2.5 g each) are placed on the bottom of the mouse
  • The user can adjust the weight of the mouse to taste or even shift the center of gravity by placing the lead weights accordingly
  • Long braided cord of 1.8 m absolutely endures 10 000 flexes and the continuous load of 10 kg
  • The set of extra teflon feet is included into the package so the user can replace the old feet when they wear off
  • 3 customization thumb buttons to adjust mouse for its user’s needs
  • Avago ADNS 9800 sensor is one of the best sensors for gaming mice
  • The sensor provides high speed (up to 3.8 ms) on any surface. It takes 12 000 shots of the surface per second (12 000 FPS), which allows you to move the mouse with acceleration up to 30 G (294 m/s2)
  • Cursor speed can be adjusted on any mouse keys. 5 DPI levels are supported and each level can be customized accurately to your needs
  • Different cursor speed can be adjusted for right-left and up-down movements
  • The user can create the mode and store to the mouse memory its settings for convenient control in a favourite game. The modes are switched by the MODE button on the bottom of the mouse. The backlight colour can be setted for each mode
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